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140620 - Whiteboard Compass Linex 450mm Leg

Whiteboard Compass Linex 450mm Leg Available with rubber tip- Holds chalk or marker to 16mm barrel thickness - Approx maximum radius 750mm- Yellow impact resistant plastic.
620320 - Ruler 1M Whiteboard

Ruler 1M Whiteboard Printed both edges metric scale 0-100cm made of sturdy yellow plastic- Centre grab handle - adhesive magnetic tabs included.
620330 - Whiteboard Ruler 60cm Magnetic

Whiteboard Ruler 60cm Magnetic - New from Helix - Incorporates a detachable handle with inbuilt velour eraser and storage compartments at each end for markers etc. Ideal for all steel based whiteboards - see it at
620360 - Linex Whiteboard Kit Complete

LINEX Whiteboard Kit Complete - 5 piece kit comprising - One metre Rule, a 45" Set Square , a 60" Set Square , 180" Protractor and 300mm Compass with whiteboard adaptor. Magnetic tabs are included with each piece for whiteboard use.
640260 - Set Square 60 Deg Whiteboard

Set Square 60 Degree for Whiteboard Made of a sturdy plastic with bold centimetre measurements to 45cm.
640280 - Set Square 45 Deg Whiteboard

Set Square 45 Degree for Whiteboard Made of a sturdy plastic with bold centimetre measurements to 32cm. Note - in this new model, the 45* set square incorporates a 180* protractor within.
931260 - Protractor 180 Degree Whiteboard

Protractor 180 Degree for Whiteboard - 340mm diameter in yellow impact resistant plastic.
931290 - Whiteboard Cleaner Vista 500 ml Bottle

Whiteboard Cleaner Vista 500ml Bottle A light spray on to whiteboard surfaces for easy cleaning.
931310 - Whiteboard Eraser Vista Large

Whiteboard Eraser Vista Large Top quality velour eraser- Refills available.
980000 - Whiteboard Adaptor

Whiteboard Adaptor- Attaches to whiteboard compass to hold pens and markers from 12mm to 20mm in diameter. Has been discontinued - searching for an alternative!


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